Pilot Covid-19 Screen 1: Aras de Brun Research Building, NUI Galway. In this pilot screen we have been conducting serial saliva screening (twice per week) of circa 40 full time researchers in a research building since December 2020.

Pilot Covid-19 Screen 2: Thermo King workplace, Galway. In this pilot screen we conducted serial saliva screening of up to 410 Thermo King staff during December 2020 and January 2021, in partnership with Thermo King Galway.

Pilot Covid-19 Screen 3: Atlantic Language College, Galway. In this pilot screen we conducting a saliva screening of up to 80 Atlantic College staff & students in December 2020, in partnership with Atlantic College Galway.

Pilot Covid-19 Screen 4: NUI Galway – HSE SalivaScreen Surveillance Study. In this screen in partnership with HSE West, we are conducting a large-scale surveillance screen to identify covid-19 cases & investigate household transmission dynamics of covid-19.

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