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Asymptomatic Covid-19 Surveillance Screening

Large-scale covid-19 surveillance screening to identify asymptomatic
individuals who are infected with the coronavirus is essential to reducing the spread of the disease in our society.

Pilot Covid-19 Screening Studies

We are conducting a range of pilot Covid-19 surveillance screening studies to demonstrate that saliva-based mass-screening on a routine basis can be done in our workplaces, communities & households.

Study Information Sheets

The study information sheets describe the purpose of the Covid-19 screening studies & what volunteers can expect when they participate in the study.

Saliva Sampling Instructions

Our saliva sampling instructions sheets provide the guidance for volunteers on how to collect high-quality saliva samples that will be tested for Covid-19 in our research study.

SalivaScreen Research Team

Meet our dynamic Research Team on the SalivaScreen project, led by Prof. Charles Spillane!

SalivaScreen Study Contact

If you want more information on the SalivaScreen project or want to discuss possible partnerships, contact Prof. Charles Spillane